Separate Administration

Separate Administration

Separate Administration

Statewide Novated Leasing (SNL), trading as Statewide Salary Packaging, is a well established, Queensland owned and operated company specialising in all facets of salary sacrifice / packaging arrangements. Statewide provides a full range of salary packaged benefit items based on employers Fringe Benefit Tax status. Statewide employer clients include Government, Councils, Sporting Organisations, Charities, Unions and Private Education Institutions and a Statutory Authority.

Administration for Employers

Statewide's administration service principally provides bill paying, payroll and salary sacrifice reporting for Employers who wish to provide salary sacrifice benefits for their Employees. There is minimal ongoing administration.

Salary sacrifice administration for employers is complex and costly to administer. To ensure staff have the opportunity to maximise benefits from salary sacrifice, Employers may outsource the administration. This is more cost effective for all concerned.

Statewide maintain substantiation records and provide the FBT details to Employers as well as arranging payment of the packaged items. Employers receive free assistance in tracking and allocating individual fringe benefits under the ATO guidelines, and reporting their value on Employees' PAYG summaries (previously known as group certificates).



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