Statewide Novated Leasing (SNL) aim to mitigate a client's risk with appropriate insurance strategies.

Through our agency agreement with Suncorp, we are able to provide competitive motor vehicle insurance products.

Insurance Services

  • Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for the novated lease period is mandatory.
  • Statewide examines each employee's individual circumstances and only recommends insurance that is necessary, fit-for-purpose and that has value or potential value for that employee.
  • Statewide is licensed to provide general insurance product advice.
  • If comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is purchased for a new car that includes new-for-old cover with unlimited kilometres, and insurance policy is held for the life of the lease, then there should be no need for GAP insurance.
  • GAP insurance pays a "gap" up to a pre-set amount in the event of a total vehicle write off payout amount and what an insurer has determined as the value of the car. That is, it is designed to pay a difference, if any, to a pre-set amount.
  • Loan Protection insurance is designed to cover lease payments for loss-of-income situations such as death, temporary illness and involuntary redundancy. Time and dollar limits apply.
  • If an employee has an employment contract with sick leave entitlements and superannuation income protection as part of their employment superannuation, loan protection insurance requires greater investigation.



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